Tutorial: Spack 201ΒΆ

This is a half-day (3 hours of course time) intermediate tutorial on Spack with lectures and live demos. It was originally presented at Los Alamos National Laboratory on November 5, 2019. This tutorial assumes users are familiar with ~75% of the content in the Spack 101 tutorial.

You can use these materials to teach a course on Spack at your own site, or you can just skip ahead and read the live demo scripts to see how Spack is used in practice.


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Full citation: Gregory Becker and Todd Gamblin. Intermediate Spack Tutorial. Tutorial presented at Los Alamos National Laboratory. November 5, 2019. Los Alamos, NM, USA.

Live Demos

We provide scripts that take you step-by-step through basic Spack tasks. Some of the scripts corrospond to sections in the slides above. Other sections use only scripts, or only slides. You can use one of the following methods to run through the scripts:

  1. We provide the spack/tutorial container image on Docker Hub that you can use to do the tutorial on your local machine. You can invoke docker run -it spack/tutorial to start using the container.

  2. When we host the tutorial, we also provision VM instances in AWS, so that users who are unfamiliar with Docker can simply log into a VPM to do the demo exercises.

You should now be ready to run through our demo scripts:

Full contents: